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All sales are between the buyer and the vendor directly. No middle man.
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To create an account:
1. Select Sign in|Register in the upper-right corner.
2. Click Create an Account.
3. Enter your name and email address.
4. Create a password and confirm it.
5. Click on Create Account.
6. We’ll send a confirmation email, click on the link to confirm your account.
If you don’t see the email, verify that you're writing the correct email and check your spam or trash folder. Please add our mail to your white list.

This account can also be used as a vendor account. See how to switch to a vendor account for more information.

You can sign in using your Facebook or Gmail account. If you continue with Facebook or Gmail, you will be redirected to their website and asked to grant permissions to recollect your data.
Before buying, you’ll need to set up your information on the Account section.

Buyer information
1. Go to My account in the Account section.
2. Select your state, city, and zip code.
3. Click Save.

Only local vendors will appear on your search.

Contact information
Select the options on how you will like to be contacted by vendors.
1. Go to Contact information in the Account section.
2. Select the checkbox to turn on the options in which you would like to be contacted.
• Email address
This option can’t be changed, modified or uncheck. Directly through our site, you will get a notification by email to alert you about your orders and messages.

• Phone and text message
When activated, vendors can contact you directly. This information will be available to vendors that received an order from you.

3. To turn off phone or text message, deselect the checkbox.
4. Click Save.

To add a new address:
1. Go to Delivery in the Account section.
2. Enter the name and address of the delivery.
3. Click Save.

To change the default address:
1. Go to Delivery in the Account section.
2. On the address, click on the checkbox Default to set it as the primary address.
3. Click Save.

To delete an address:
1. Go to Delivery in the Account section.
2. Click on the trash icon to delete the address.
3. Click Save.
Your account can be used as a buyer or vendor. To switch to a vendor account, you must have a membership plan.

To acquire a membership:
1. Log in to your Account.
2. Click on your name, in the upper-right corner, then click selling plan.
3. Click on the membership plan that fits your business.
Before acquiring your membership, we suggest checking our available Category - product list.
4. A popup window will appear.
5. Enter your debit/credit card information.
6. Click Pay.

You’ll receive an email with your confirmation.

To switch to a vendor account:
1. Log in to your Account.
2. Click on your name, in the upper-right corner,
3. Click switch to vendor.

To switch back to your buyers account, repeat the same process and click on switch to buyer.
To change your password:
1. Log in to your Account.
2. Go to Account information in the Account section.
3. Click on Update.
4. Enter your new password and confirm it.
5. Click Save.
If you forgot your password, follow these steps to reset your password:
1. Select the Sign in|Register button in the upper-right corner.
2. Under the Sign In button, click on Forgot password?
3. Enter the email address associated with your Farmers’ Market Drop account.
4. Click Send Password Reset Link
5. You’ll receive and email with a link to set a new password.
6. Enter your new password and confirm it.
7. Click set password.
1. Log in to your Facebook account
2. Go to Settings & Privacy
3. Click on Apps and Websites4. You’ll see the log in as OAuht Farmers

Note: Facebook is a third-party service, for current information about Facebook, please visit their Help Center
Vendors and buyers can cancel an order while delivery status it's as pending. If the delivery is scheduled you have to contact the vendor to cancel the order. *Late cancellation charges might apply.

To cancel an order:
1. Go to the Orders section.
2. On the order, click on cancel.
3. An alert will appear to confirm your cancelation.
4. Click on Yes, cancel.

You can expect a refund from 2 to 5 business days, refunds are done directly by the vendor. A late cancellation fee might apply, you will receive a payment notification by email
1. Go to the Orders section.
2. On the order, click on Add review.
3. A pop up will appear.
4. Select the number of stars to rate the vendor and write your experience according to the field.
5. Click Save.
Frequent questions
The email registered can not be changed or modify.
As a buyer, you don’t have a subscription you can close your account at any time.
If the order hasn't been processed yes; Just click on the cancel button on the order you want to cancel. If the delivery status of the order has a date and hour, you'll have to contact the vendor directly for cancelations.
If you cancel the order before its being delivered yes. All sales are final upon delivery.
Yes, you can use the report button that’s on the product.
Please report this so we can let the vendor know and make the changes necessary to make your experience easier.
Yes, the vendor will see your delivery information to make the drop.
All sales are done directly to each vendor.
You can report directly to the vendor.
When you buy, you're buying directly to a local vendor, our website will create an individual order for every vendor that you’re buying from.
Yes, you're buying from different vendors.
1. Verify that you're writing the correct email
2. Check your spam or junk mail.
If you're using a personal email please check your server settings and add to your white list or ask your IT department to add it. This will ensure the delivery of future emails

If you don’t get a confirmation email, try using an alternative register form like Gmail or Facebook.
Our website has installed the SSL security protocol and all payments are processed by Square, who offers encrypted payments to protect from hackers or other dangers. For additional information please visit
The vendors determine their delivery areas, by selecting your location/city you will see the products available to you.
Only if the vendor has your location in its delivery range. We don't support sales outside the delivery areas of the vendors.