Membership guidelines

Our website is committed to helping local producers/makers get the marketing advantages they need to make their products more accessible, these are the guidelines that will help all our vendors come together offering quality products directly from you to the buyer.

1.- Our membership is created for producers, co-produces, and makers directly; to ensure a direct line of purchases between vendors and buyers.

2.- Vendors must have liability insurance, keep in mind that you will be selling directly to the buyer.

3.- In the U.S., you’ll need to follow the Cottage Food Regulations and Laws, which vary slightly from state to state. We suggest to check your local laws and comply with them before starting to sell food online, here are some guidelines that are pretty standard across the board:

• Annual inspection from the department of health.
• Zoning permits from the department of health and/or the department of agriculture.
• Valid business license in your operating state.
• Ability to properly store food (cold, dry, etc.).
• No pets in the home or kitchen.

Make sure to follow your local, state, and federal laws. Depending on the state, county, city, or town some farmers may need to comply with laws regarding licensing permits, food handling and safety, collecting and reporting sales tax, labeling, or farming practices. Please comply with your sate.

4.- Labeling: All U.S. food items must be labeled in accordance with FDA labeling regulations. Home-based companies must follow the cottage food laws pertaining to the specific state that the product will be sold in.
If you have any questions contact your state branch of the department of agriculture as well as your local health department

5.- Taxes: The Vendor is solely responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through Farmers Market Drop.

Farmers' market Drop is intended to support and help small businesses get more sales in their community; by enrolling, you understand that our platform limits the delivery within your city or marketplace. Violations of these regulations may cause cancellation of your membership.

By enrolling in a membership you're agreeing to these guidelines and regulations, and agree to keep us away from any litigation or legal matter. You understand that you will sell to the customer directly, if you don't agree, please don't use our site.

-We are not liable for any dispute between the vendor and the buyer.
-We are not liable for any content or images created or uploaded by the vendors.
-We are not liable for any content or reviews added by the buyers.

Legal Disclaimer: The Vendor uses the platform under its own responsibility it's up to the vendor to comply with the regulations and laws that their state requires for selling food, Farmers' market Drop does not in any way validate or regulate business license and regulations, it is solely up to the vendor to comply to the state laws. If you're not authorized by the state to sell food online, please don't use our platform.