Tips for vendors

Please read our membership guidelines and tips that will help you get the best experience with our platform.
The more products you offer the best chance your store can become a buyer's favorite; to help buyers trust your store we offer 3 badges and a reviews section, that will tell buyers about your store.
Icon vendor badge facilities Facilities badge
In this section, you can upload pictures of your farm or the process area, this will help buyers see your facilities and have a better idea about your store.
Icon vendor badge permits Permits & licenses badge
In this section, you can upload all your vendor permits and licenses required by the local, state, and/or federal government. This will depend according to the type of product your selling.
You will have the option to show your permits to your costumers in your store profile. Just for uploading them to the store, you will be awarded that badge.
Icon In-Store pickup badge In-Store pickup badge
This badge is awarded if you offer in-store pickup at your store location. This way customers can buy from your online store and collect their order at your physical location.
FMV Initials
The farmers' market initials will let your costumers know that you participate in a registered farmers' market where customers can visit and purchase directly with you.
Share your store URL
Promote your Farmers' Market Drop store URL anywhere and encourage potential clients to visit and shop your store.
Some suggestions :
- Sharing the store URL on your social media.
- Printing a card with your information and store URL.
- Placing a sticker on your products with your logo and store URL.
Hand holding a smartphone while photographing vegetables
Package with best price labeled next to a tea
Set your prices
One of the hardest parts of selling is setting prices.
It’s important to calculate your cost, including delivery cost. We suggest you understand you cost before you set your prices.
-Determine your “free delivery” area or what is the minimum amount they need to spend to offer a free delivery.
-Don’t copy prices form other farmers. Quality and fast delivery add value to your products.
-Get to know your costumers to offer special deals at the right time.
-Use discounts to attract customers.
Take great pictures of your products.
Remember a great picture will help you sell!
-Use a white or plain background. This will help your photos look professional.
-Use natural or artificial white light. Avoid using the flash on your smartphone.
-Remember to keep a clean space to avoid distractions in your photos.
-Capture the best features of your product and multiples angles. Buyers like to see every detail before ordering a product.
-Try to showcase your products in the picture as accurate to the real product. When buyers see a picture, they expect something similar.
Hand holding a smartphone while photographing vegetables
Man with thumbs up
Get the best reviews
-Show your products as real as possible, always delivering the best quality you have to offer.
-When you have set a time and date for delivery try to be punctual as possible. Inform your customer of any inconvenience; good communication can help increase customer happiness.
-Don’t see the reviews section as negative, try to view it as a way to be better, listening to your costumers' needs and suggestions will help to improve your services and get more satisfied clients.